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This is the full introduction to The Literacy Coaching Series.  It introduces the purpose behind the entire series and key concepts such as the research behind the series, the use of the Targeted Coaching Model as a key organizational element, and important coaching factors related to student reading achievement.   These concepts set the foundation for the series and are elaborated and reinforced throughout the lessons that make up the series.



Our second video is from the Focus on Long-Term Planning segment of The Literacy Coaching Series.  This segment shows how the coach and teacher plan for the development of a single literacy strategy through the use of the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model.  You will see 4 video segments where the Model is introduced, discussed in a coach and teacher meeting, and debriefed by one of the researchers.  Finally, you will see a re-play of the coach and teacher meeting that is called the “Labeled Version.”  This version incorporates a number of on-screen visual aids to help the viewer to develop the skills necessary for identifying and applying good coaching language and best instructional practices. See “RESOURCE MATERIALS” for a set of pdf documents that supports this video segment.



The following is a set of PDF documents that supports the Focus on Long-Term Planning video sample. These documents are good examples of how all of the materials on the CD in The Literacy Coaching Series can be used with the videos.

PDF ImageHow to Use The Literacy Coaching Series


PDF ImageViewing Guide: Focus on Long-Term Planning – Coach & Teacher Meeting


PDF ImageBlank Planning Template for the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model: Focus on Long Tem Planning


PDF ImageGuide for Focus on Long-Term Planning: Coach & Teacher Meeting – Labeled Version